Children’s Trail in the Trees – a trail in the trees for the smallest visitors to the Senses Park, equipped with a safety system of two carabiners!
It is intended for every child and young person, starting from 1 year old, when the child can walk stably. This track can be followed by those interested for whom the big Trail in the trees is too difficult or scary.

The smallest visitors walk this track together with a parent or responsible person. The track has no distinct degree of difficulty. The trail uses a safety system of two carabiners, which provides an opportunity to create more interesting objects to overcome, allowing children to become more independent and brave.


Gloves must be worn in the trees on the Children’s Trail (they can be purchased at the Sajūtu Park administration).
Going on the track takes place only after the invitation of the instructor.
Visitors should follow the signs on the ground and in the trees.
2 people can be on the platform and only 1 person can be in the obstacles at the same time (except for certain platforms, which will be explained by the instructor)

We invite visitors to follow the rules in order to have a pleasant time on the Trail in the Trees!


Height and weight restrictions:

Max height – 120 cm
Max weight – 30 kg

Age restrictions:

from 1 year only under the supervision of a parent or responsible person (adult).

10 people can be on the track at the same time.


4 € / 1 hour

Working hours

Working days:
by appointment (group visits)
12:00 – 18:00